Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Machine Series Product Maintenance

Lingke Ultrasonic started as an agent of Rinco Ultrasonic in Switzerland in the early 1990s. It was the domestic ultrasonic import supplier at that time. It was very familiar with the complete machine circuit and functions of Rinco Lingao Ultrasonic Welding Machine. It has served and repaired 1000 times. + successful cases, can repair Rinco ELECTRICAL MOTION series, Rinco standard series, Rinco Easy series and Rinco ABW series ultrasonic welding machines.

Lingke ultrasonic repair service process:

① The customer calls for consultation, asks about the equipment failure, and analyzes the possibility of whether it can be repaired;

②The business engineer inspects the equipment through video, analyzes the cause of equipment failure, and gives repair suggestions to customers;

③ The business engineer communicates with the customer, solicits the customer’s opinion, and proceeds to the next step after confirmation;

④ The customer confirms the opinion, and if the customer agrees, the equipment will be repaired;

⑤ Business engineers repair the equipment, test and check until the equipment failure is resolved;

⑥ After the equipment is successfully repaired, the customer pays.

Lingke Ultrasonic is a manufacturer of ultrasonic plastic welding equipment dedicated to the research, development, manufacture, and digestion of Swiss technology for high-end performance ultrasonic plastic welding equipment. The first enterprise to master the servo control pressure ultrasonic welding technology, with strong technical strength, welcome to inquire.



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