Servo Ultrasonic Technology Innovation Industry Leader Lingke Ultrasonic Lead a New Chapter of Development

Cultivate high-tech enterprises, is to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry is an important measure.
Zhuhai Lingke Ultrasonics Co., Ltd (referred to as Lingke ultrasonic) as a national high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Province, specializing in new enterprises, with 31 years of professional manufacturing ultrasonic plastic welding equipment technology and experience, in the continuous innovation and development to become the first high-end servo ultrasonic welding machine manufacturers, the servo ultrasonic plastic welder to create, because of its high efficiency, high stability, high accuracy and other qualities, and gradually become the “new darling” of the plastic welding industry. Become the “new favorite” of the plastic welding industry.


“Servo-Ultrasonic technology is an advanced technology that utilizes ultrasonic vibration energy for welding. Through the use of servo-driven welding horn, the pressure, speed and stroke applied to the workpiece can be accurately controlled to complete high-quality welding operations in an instant, and effectively ensure the strength of the welded workpiece, airtightness and post-weld height.
Compared with traditional welding technology, servo ultrasonic welding process without the use of solvents, adhesives and other consumables, will not produce additional pollutants, the operator’s health is more friendly. “Lingke ultrasonic application engineer said.

machine operation

Lingke servo ultrasonic plastic welder is equipped with intelligent servo ultrasonic control system, with high precision servo motor drive for fully enclosed control, to ensure high efficiency, high precision, high stability and other welding effects.
At the same time, the equipment also supports WiFi/4G wireless network connection, equipped with fault self-detection function, with remote maintenance and fault self-diagnosis function, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.


With its excellent performance and wide applicability, Lingke’s servo ultrasonic plastic welder has an extremely wide range of applications, including but not limited to high-precision parts in consumer electronics, automotive parts, aerospace, medical devices, printing supplies and other industries, which has strongly promoted the development and progress of related industries.



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