Successful Application Cases of Lingke Ultrasonic in The Household Appliance Field

The individual requirements for components of various household appliances are very high: tightness, strength, dimensional accuracy, perfect visual appearance and surface finish are all standard requirements. With Lingke ultrasonic welding technology, economical joining technology can be used for small series production up to fully automated manufacturing processes with maximum production flexibility.

electronic equipment

Household Appliances
Home appliances are durable, reliable devices used daily. The safe integration of electrical and electronic components is therefore a prerequisite. Lingke ultrasonic welding is a joining technology that is ideally suited for household appliances with complex geometries, such as electric irons or operating panels.

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air filter housing

Electrical Gardening Equipment
The requirements for household appliances apply more to machines and equipment used in outdoor conditions. Typical applications for Lingke ultrasonic welding are the lamination of housings for electrical garden equipment, functional components or weatherproof roof lining membranes.

plastic welding applications

Home printer

Printing Supplies
Nowadays, home printing is becoming more and more common. As Zhuhai is the capital of printing consumables, Lingke ultrasonic welding is widely used in printing ink cartridges and writing utensils. The cost-effective and fast joining technology ensures the tightness and reliable function of the product.



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