The Advantages of “Ultrasonic Plastic Welding” Help Improve Product Production Efficiency

Ultrasonic welding is a welding method in which two pieces of thermoplastic plastic are fused together due to the friction and heat generated between surface molecules under the action of ultrasonic vibration.
Ultrasonic welding is very fast during welding. The welding can be successful within one second. Not only does it save time, ultrasonic welding also has the following advantages:

  Ultrasonic plastic welding machine equipment is easy to install and operate. It only needs to be connected with electricity and gas to start processing and production. Operators do not need special training, they only need to press the button to pick up and place the parts. ​

  The welding quality is high. Ultrasonic welding can achieve seamless welding, and water and air tightness can be guaranteed. And there will be no smoke, no odor when processing plastic parts, and no pollution to the working environment. ​

welding horn mold

  High security. The ultrasonic plastic welding machine is controlled by two buttons, ensuring operational safety. A foot switch can be installed under special circumstances.

  Product consistency is high. The equipment is controlled by a cylinder. After all welding parameters are set, the welded products will have high consistency and a low scrap rate.

  Ultrasonic welding is highly versatile. Different products only need to customize special ultrasonic molds to enhance equipment utilization.

  Ultrasonic welding is easy to automate. Ultrasonic welding equipment has output and input signals, and only needs to be connected to the automation equipment, making it easy to realize equipment automation.

L4000 ES

Ultrasonic welding is widely used, but it has high requirements on the shape of the welding materials. Lingke Ultrasonic can provide enterprises with customized ultrasonic welding service design, provide specialized technical support according to customer needs, and solve problems such as welding difficulties caused by the complex shape of welding materials.



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