The Best Joining Technology for Batteries – Lingke Ultrasonic Welding

Today, the requirements for battery products are becoming more diverse and complex. In addition to precision strength and minimum particle composition, process validation and traceability are also important quality criteria. Lingke ultrasonic welding is undoubtedly the best joining technology under this trend.


Pouch batteries and soft cases

Ultrasonic welding offers an alternative for heat sealing of flexible LIB soft shells. The risk of battery damage can be minimized by shortening cycle times and using cold ultrasonic welding tools instead of heat seals.

Battery management

The development of high-performance energy storage systems has expanded the market demand for innovative and robust battery systems. This requires state-of-the-art busbars capable of transmitting huge amounts of power. Ultrasonic welding is an efficient production process. Lingke Ultrasonic is able to produce high-quality welds in cycle times of one second using high-quality, high-performance tools and generators (up to 12kW).Such connections will have excellent current transfer capabilities, minimal contact resistance, and excellent strength.

The joining of aluminum and copper often becomes a difficulty in automating the welding process. Ultrasonic metal welding is an excellent solution for permanently joining these two materials.

In addition to technologically advanced products, Lingke Ultrasonic also provides high-quality and in-depth application services and undertakes welding work, especially considering quality and economic aspects. For our customers, we act as consultants and application problem solvers in the ultrasonic joining of non-ferrous metals.



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