The First Domestic High-end Servo Ultrasonic Welding Machine Manufacturer – Lingke Ultrasonic

In the past ten years, the brilliant achievements of my country’s aerospace industry are obvious to all. Every major technological breakthrough and upgrade is a demonstration of my country’s industrial modernization level and national scientific and technological strength.

The development of aerospace technology is inseparable from new materials. Plastics that are more flexible, lighter, and easier to form are widely used in cutting-edge technology fields such as aerospace. Thermoplastics such as PA, PC, PVC, and ABS are used in heat-resistant parts of the fuselage, bushings, bearings, brackets, plastic seals, floors, seats, dashboards, and even space suits. and liquid cooling suits, etc.


These thermoplastics are the “behind-the-scenes heroes” of the aerospace industry, although they are humble, they are important. Whether their connections are reliable is related to whether the power signals, control signals and communication signals of the aerospace system can be transmitted stably and at high speed, and whether aerospace equipment can be launched and operated safely and stably. It requires very high-precision welding technology.

It is understood that LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD. (referred to as Lingke Ultrasonic) is the first high-end servo ultrasonic welding machine manufacturer in China. It can provide thermoplastics such as PA, PC, PVC and ABS that are widely used in the aerospace field. Professional, ultra-high-precision solutions save the high cost of aerospace raw materials.

Lingke servo ultrasonic plastic welding machine adopts the intelligent servo ultrasonic control system independently developed by Lingke, with high-precision servo motor drive, fully closed control, and full-process monitoring data. The welding accuracy can reach 0.005mm, which can effectively guarantee the high precision of the product. Spend. “We insist on improving the details of product design and production, and tightening the standards so that we can always maintain our leading position in the industry.” The product manager of Lingke Ultrasonic told us.



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