The First Servo Ultrasonic Welding Machine Recommended, Lingke Ultrasonic Ranks First in the Industry

In recent years, with the overall improvement of my country’s leading industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, and steel structures, as well as various intermediate industries and basic industries, the requirements for welding technology have also further increased. Private ultrasonic equipment manufacturers that have developed rapidly along with the industry have replaced European mid-to-high-end equipment with domestic products. This is not only an important logic for the growth of ultrasonic welding companies themselves, but also the only way for the rise of China’s manufacturing industry.

Among this group of private ultrasonic equipment manufacturers, LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD. (referred to as Lingke Ultrasonic) from Zhuhai, Guangdong is one of the best. The company also released an independently developed and designed servo ultrasonic plastic molding machine in May. Welding machine series. “This is the first company in China that has mastered servo-controlled pressure ultrasonic welding technology,” a relevant source revealed to us.

“Lingke Ultrasonic is a typical manufacturing company that can make products but not sell them. It has obtained more than 170 honorary patents, ranking first in the industry.” Another industry insider introduced, “Now they have launched a world-leading For servo-controlled pressure ultrasonic plastic welding machines, we have begun to realize that publicity is a good thing again, which allows us to see the possibility of domestically produced substitutes for mid-to-high-end ultrasonic plastic welding equipment in Europe and the United States in the future.”

Although my country’s ultrasonic welding industrial application started late, and the mid-to-high-end ultrasonic welding market has long been monopolized by European companies, the rapid development of my country’s welding equipment industry has created many private welding equipment manufacturers like Lingke Ultrasonic. With the existence of these private enterprises, let us wait and see the rise of China’s manufacturing industry.



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