This Article Teaches You The Steps for Mold Calibration of “Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine”

When the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is working, it is necessary to perform mold adjustment, mold calibration and other work. So how to perform mold calibration? Let’s see how to do it next!

In order to achieve the maximum power of the machine, the distance between the upper welding type and the workpiece must be shortened as much as possible, but the height required for the placement and removal of the workpiece must be retained. The maximum stroke of the lifting table is 75 mm. Before adjustment, make sure the upper welding type has the maximum stroke and do not touch the workpiece.

L3000 ES主图4

a) Put the machine in manual mode, adjust the pressure button so that the pressure gauge stops at about 0.2Mpa (the minimum pressure that makes the welding horn rise)
b) Place the lower welding mold on the work surface, and then place the workpiece in the lower welding mold.

c) Loosen the locking handle of the machine body, turn the lifting handwheel so that the distance between the upper welding mold and the workpiece is greater than 75mm, and tighten the locking handle.
d) Press the two start buttons with both hands to lower the upper welding mold.
e) Loosen the four welding head fixing screws, rotate the upper welding mold to match the workpiece, and then tighten the four welding horn fixing screws.

welding horn mold

f) Loosen the limit screw and rotate the limit screw (M12x1) so that it touches the lifting platform. Press the emergency rise button to raise the upper welding mold, and then rotate the limit screw about 7mm.
g) Press the two start buttons with both hands to lower the upper welding type. Loosen the machine body locking handle, turn the lifting handle to gradually lower the upper welding mold, and move the lower welding mold at the same time to make the contact surface between the working surface and the upper welding mold uniform, and lock the machine body locking handle.

h) Press the emergency rise button to raise the welding horn, rotate the fixing screw, and make it drop about 2 mm. After passing the specific size of the workpiece, remove the fixing screw of the operating time limit from the lift. However, when there is no workpiece in the welding mold, the set screw blocks the contact between the upper and lower welding molds, thereby protecting the workpiece from damage.
i) Use the screw pressure plate to fix the lower welding mold on the workbench

ultrasonic composite horn

ultrasonic composite horn

j) The above operations are proofreading sequence.
More correct calibration of the mold: When testing welding, adjust while checking. Use transfer paper between the workpiece and the upper welding. After the upper welding mold is pressed down, observe the indentation shown on the white paper and determine the depth of the indentation. , use thin gaskets to adjust the bottom of the welding mold to evenly press the welding surface of the workpiece.
k) Planely adjust the direction and level of the welding horn of the model with screws.

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