Ultrasonic Plastic Welding With Textile Stitching

Ultrasonic plastic welding process development, for all walks of life have added new vitality, for the textile industry, the kinetic energy generated by ultrasonic welding is a textile and plastic raw material molding and production of key special tools. Ultrasonic welding to “seamless stitching” sewing process instead of the traditional needle and thread sewing method, to the textile industry has brought more efficient and meaningful change.

Welded non-woven fabrics


The main textile materials suitable for ultrasonic welding process are polyester, polypropylene, plastic film, coated paper and so on. At the same time also contains a mixture of 35-50% non-synthetic fiber components of synthetic fibers, these are suitable for the use of ultrasonic production processing contains 100% synthetic fiber raw materials.  ultrasonic cutting machine

Welded non-woven fabrics (3)

Why is ultrasonic welding and sewing technology so widely used? This is related to the advantages of its use in the textile industry: high efficiency, cost savings, high stitch strength.
Further analysis, more specific advantages are:
1. do not need to use aids (such as buttonholes, adhesive, crank pins, etc.)
2. to ensure that the welding sewing process consistent sewing effect
3. do not need to spend time heating and repair, and does not require high costs to maintain temperature
4. individually cut and sewn, not easy to cause burrs
5. zero pollution, eliminating the application of adhesives and organic solvents containing toxic side effects
6. no pinholes in the edges, can block the penetration of organic chemicals and pharmaceuticals, pathogenic bacteria and fine particles with harmful substances

Welded non-woven fabrics (2)

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