Ultrasonic Welding and Intelligent Manufacturing: The First Company to Explore Future Development Trends

Currently, the development of China’s manufacturing industry has reached a bottleneck period. Traditional low-cost, labor-intensive manufacturing methods can no longer meet market demand. The “Made in China 2025” plan provides new ideas and directions.

Intelligent manufacturing is a complex system engineering, which includes the digitization of process flow, automation of equipment, intelligentization of production, and networking of supply chains. LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD. (referred to as Lingke Ultrasonic) focuses on the goal of digitalization, networking, and intelligence improvement of the plastic welding industry, the development and growth of new business formats, new models, and new kinetic energy, and the significant enhancement of the comprehensive strength of the plastics industry. It continues to innovate and develop , carry out intelligent transformation and digital transformation and upgrading, and provide high-quality machine products that customers need, industry needs, and society needs.

Digitalization is the foundation of smart manufacturing. It is reported that Lingke Ultrasonic adheres to the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, upgrades and configurations of digital display screens, and can export welding data in a timely manner to enhance the competitiveness of core equipment and the digitalization level of key processes. Using Lingke ultrasonic products, production data can be collected, analyzed and managed during the production process.

Automation is the core of smart manufacturing. Ultrasonic welding equipment is a welding technology used in automated production lines. Lingke Ultrasonic’s new servo ultrasonic welding series adopts self-developed servo control pressure ultrasonic welding technology and can be connected to MES systems and the Internet of Things to improve product quality and production. While improving efficiency, it can also achieve customized production, improve the flexibility of the production process, and help companies reduce production costs.

Intelligence is the goal of smart manufacturing. Lingke Ultrasonic is not limited to the regional industrial market, but benchmarks against the world’s leading level of intelligent manufacturing. It provides ultrasonic plastic welding services to different industries and fields. Its equipment is exported to Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the United States, etc. Build a world-class intelligent ultrasonic plastic welding demonstration factory (workshop), accelerate the formation of the industry’s leading benchmark, and lead the development of China’s ultrasonic plastic welding technology.



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