Ultrasonic Welding Is The First Innovative Component Connection Method in Modern Industry

The road to modern industrial transformation is not only the innovation of production equipment and production methods, but also the comprehensive innovation of industrial people’s thinking: Only by daring to innovate and dare to use new technologies can we develop better towards high-end and intelligent development.

The welding process used to connect parts is one of the key technologies in industrial manufacturing. Ultrasonic plastic welding technology is an innovative way to connect parts that is different from traditional ones and does not require adhesives. Lingke Ultrasonic (referred to as LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD.) is committed to promoting China’s ultrasonic plastic welding technology and realizing modern plastic product welding technology research and development and process promotion.

Ultrasonic welding converts mains AC into high-frequency and high-voltage signals, and then converts the signals into high-frequency mechanical vibrations through the transducer system and applies them to plastic products, causing high-speed friction between the two parts of the plastic products and increasing the temperature. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the product itself, the interface of the product melts rapidly and is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure to achieve perfect welding.

On the one hand, compared with past technologies, ultrasonic welding technology is more in line with the needs of modern industrial production. It is reported that the use of Lingke Ultrasonic’s ultrasonic welding equipment not only makes the production process more environmentally friendly, but the welding process is almost pollution-free; at the same time, it can ensure the welding quality and can collect, analyze and process welding data; it can also be used in automated production lines to help companies improve production efficiency. reduce manufacturing cost.

On the other hand, ultrasonic plastic welding technology is not the end of the welding process. In the new era, various welding technologies are developing together. In response to differentiated market demands, Lingke Ultrasonic continuously upgrades and improves technology, learns from each other’s strong points, complements each other’s weaknesses, and adopts an eclectic approach. It introduces different welding processes such as hot melt welding, metal welding, and laser welding to further expand the application areas and create a one-stop solution to welding problems.

Only by doing a good job in research and development of core technologies, adhering to innovation as the first priority for enterprises, and advancing multiple technologies together can we advance more steadily and faster in the modern industrial process.



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