“Ultrasonic Welding Machine” Component Assembly Precautions

Each part of the ultrasonic vibration system software, such as ultrasonic transducer, lifting rod, special tools and other key parts are connected according to the management center screws. When the parts of the problem will cause the destruction of all equipment, resulting in great damage, so we should pay attention to the maintenance of equipment parts.

plastic welder


Servo ultrasonic plastic welding machine

1. Check that the surface should be smooth and smooth without scratches. If there are scratches, lightly polish them with metallographic sandpaper above No. 0. It is required that defects can be removed without destroying the smoothness of the surface.
2. Clean the screws, screw holes and surfaces with easily volatile and non-corrosive cleaning fluid.
3. Completely clean the screws, screw holes and surfaces.

4. All connecting screw holes should bisect the surface vertically.
5. Apply a thin layer of silicone grease (or unsalted butter and glycerin) on the surface before tightening. Be careful not to apply silicone grease to the connecting screws and screw holes.
6. Carefully tighten the two parts. According to the different specifications of the connecting screws, use the appropriate tightening torque. When possible, it should be tightened appropriately.



ultrasonic horn/mold

7. If you continue to loosen the fused surface, no scars should be visible.
8. Touch the vibration system with your hands to see that the amplitude is uniform, there is no strange sound, and no part is seriously hot.
9. When the fusion surface is opened again after working for a period of time, there should be no oxidation or burn marks, otherwise it means that the contact here is not good, and the ultrasonic wave can cause serious damage here.

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