“Weaving” Into “Smart”, Lingke Ultrasonic Solutions Want You to “See”!

Lingke Ultrasonic, as a trusted technology company in the field of ultrasound, through continuous exploration and innovation in the field of textiles, its innovative and efficient ultrasonic cutting machines, ultrasonic welding machines and other equipment can maximize the quality and efficiency of textile processing, applicable to different manufacturers of processing needs.

Green Processing Technology
As a product of high technology, ultrasonic welding is considered to be an environmentally friendly technology that can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to other welding processes. There is no need to add additional glue or other chemicals, so there is no pollution or waste due to consumables.
In addition, ultrasonic welding only introduces targeted energy in the connection area, with no loss of efficiency due to heat radiation.


Consistent Cutting and Welding Seal Quality
When processing textiles, the mass production model seeks to maximize throughput and continuity of the assembly line, with efficiency, precision and consistency being the key rules, and Lingke Ultrasonics has developed ultrasonic equipment that can deliver all these benefits in one package.
With Lingke ultrasonic cutters and ultrasonic welders, multiple layers of fabric can be perforated and cut while sealing the cut without distortion due to overheating, ensuring a clean and crisp cutting surface.

Assembly of multiple materials
Under the background of consumer upgrading, fabrics are developing in the direction of functionalization, differentiation, and diversification of processing techniques, so as to increase the added value of products. Lingke’s ultrasonic welding technology can be used for the processing of different materials, taking into account the characteristics of beautiful weld seams, neat appearance and good quality, helping manufacturers to reduce the complexity and cost of assembly.

Welding of non-woven fabric

Personalized Embossing Process
With the rapid development of information technology and the diversification of aesthetics, embossing is increasingly used in the textile industry. With the ultrasonic embossing process, the material is heated and reshaped by ultrasonic vibrations, changing the surface in a very short time, creating text and graphics with ease, and creating unique visual effects.

Ultrasonic plastic welding technology, as a mature technology for processing textiles, can effectively circumvent the problems of slow efficiency and high reporting losses of traditional manual labor. With years of experience and expertise in the field of ultrasonic technology, Lingke Ultrasonics will help manufacturers find the best solutions to meet the changing market demands and challenges through sample analysis and testing.



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