What are the advantages of ultrasonic cutting compared with traditional cutting?

Ultrasonic cutting has obvious advantages in cutting effect, operation and efficiency, environmental protection and safety, as well as technical characteristics, making it widely used in the field of modern cutting processing.
Let’s take a look at the specific advantages of ultrasonic cutting


Cutting effect:
Ultrasonic cutting uses the energy of ultrasound to melt the local heating of the material to be cut to achieve the purpose of cutting. Its incision is smooth and firm, the cutting edge is accurate, and there is no deformation, warping, fluffing, pulling, or wrinkling.
Traditional cutting uses a knife with a sharp edge to use strong pressure to pull apart the molecular bonds of the material to achieve cutting, which may cause problems such as material deformation and cutting edge damage.

Operation and efficiency:
Ultrasonic cutting is easy to operate. Just turn on the switch to start cutting. It can also achieve continuous cutting, which improves production efficiency.
Traditional cutting usually requires a sharp blade, which has high requirements for the blade, and may require pressure during the cutting process, which may deform soft or fragile food, while generating a large amount of particles and fragments, increasing waste.

ultrasonic cutting

ultrasonic plastic spot welder cutting machine for fabric

Environmental protection and safety:
Ultrasonic cutting is fast, efficient, pollution-free and environmentally friendly.
Traditional cutting may generate a lot of dust, affecting the working environment and workers’ health.

Technical features:
Ultrasonic cutting uses ultrasonic vibrators to generate vibrations, which cause the grinding wheel blade to produce instant telescopic vibrations in the radial direction, thereby performing processing, which can greatly reduce the processing load of the grinding wheel blade, improve the cooling effect of the abrasive particles, and extend the service life of the grinding wheel blade.

plastic welding series

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