What are The Differences Between The Different Frequencies of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines?

Low-frequency or high-frequency ultrasonic plastic welding machines refer to the frequency of the machine. Common frequencies include 15kHz, 20kHz, etc. These are different frequencies selected according to different welding objects. So what are the differences between the different frequencies?

Taking Lingke ultrasonics welding machine as an example, it has various specifications according to the different welding items, such as 15kHz, 20kHz, 30kHz, 40kHz, etc.
The more widely used one is the 20kHz ultrasonic plastic welding machine, which is suitable for welding most molten thermosetting plastics. However, this frequency also has its drawbacks, such as causing uncontrollable mechanical vibration, which requires increasing the weight of the equipment to reduce the vibration.


At a low frequency of 15kHz, the welding horn can produce low vibration frequency, long series resonance, and the welding contact area can be larger. Therefore, the advantage of 15kHz is that it can weld higher products, and it can weld some softer plastics, and it can also weld parts that avoid the welding horn. The composite resins of some engineering projects with excellent performance can barely be welded at 20kHz, but Lingke’s ultrasonic frequency of 15kHz can weld stronger.


Among high-frequency 30-40kHz ultrasonic welding equipment, the welding surface is best limited to 6.35mm, so the welded products are also limited to small and medium-sized products.
The high-frequency generator converter and welding head are smaller in size, causing less vibration, making welding of high-precision parts safer, reducing cyclic stress, improving the control of mechanical energy and welding speed, and reducing the pressure and product on the welding surface. The generation of deformation. Common riveting welding and spot welding are within the application scope of high-frequency ultrasonic plastic welding equipment.

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