What are the factors affecting the service life of ultrasonic welding horn?

The welding horn is a tool that effectively transmits vibration to the plastic welding part.
Simply put, the welding horn has the function of transmitting vibration energy, pressure and amplitude. It needs to provide a shape consistent with the shape of the product, and because the plastic is malleable, it can fit the product to a certain extent.

welding horn

4 factors that affect the service life of ultrasonic welding horns:

①Material and material of welding horn:
There are three commonly used materials for making welding heads: aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and alloy steel. Each material has its own unique properties, and different materials will lead to different service lives.
Aluminum alloy is used in the soft mold verification process stage or small batch production stage and cannot withstand mechanical stress.
Titanium alloy is used in the small, medium and large-volume production stages of products. It has excellent acoustic properties, can withstand the maximum mechanical stress three times that of aluminum alloy, and has relatively excellent wear resistance.
Alloy steel is used for welding plastic parts where aluminum alloys and titanium alloys cannot be used. It has high hardness and the highest wear resistance, and generally needs to be hardened before use.


②Welding process requirements:
Common ultrasonic welding heads generally have two sides, but they can also be made into four or six sides. The welding area depends on the production process.
For example, some are welded to the tabs of small cylindrical batteries, and some are welded to the tabs of soft-packed batteries. Judging from the two welding processes, the service life of the half-wave welding head is longer than that of the full-wave welding head. There are also process requirements such as welding between different materials, which will affect the service life of the welding head.

③ Parameters during welding:
During the working process of the ultrasonic welding machine, if the welding current is large, the frequency is high, the time is long, and the temperature is high, the life of the welding head will be shortened accordingly.

④Material and thickness of welding material:
Ultrasonic metal welding usually welds copper and aluminum, and the life of the welding head is lower when welding copper than when welding aluminum.

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