What are The Ultrasonic Welding Processes for The Textile Industry?

Ultrasonic welding process in the textile industry is mainly used in non-woven fabrics, suitable for ultrasonic welding of non-woven fabrics class are: clothes and pants lace figure, shoulder bags, hand bags, curtains, raincoats, dust masks, packages and most other products.

ultrasonic sewing

1, Ultrasonic hot melt or sewing
Ultrasonic heat fusion or ultrasonic sewing is commonly used in the sewing of continuous seams, such as the processing of protective clothing, blinds, or for the production of processed buttonholes, collar braces, ties, etc. Immersion welding sewing. This process can be carried out with stand-alone sewing machines or ultrasonic welding machines.

Medical gauze rolls and pads

2, Rotating cylinder welding, lamination
The use of ultrasonic cylinder on the multi-layer wide mesh structure of textiles or non-textile synthetic fiber raw materials for bonding and lamination process, this process is the double layer of textile materials in the rotation of the garment printing cylinder and a row of ultrasonic welding head molds in order to achieve the total width of the mesh structure to weld, lamination, this way does not rely on any organic chemical adhesives and other auxiliaries, can be produced and processed into other bonding method Can not be completed by the special printed textiles. For example, we commonly used bed covers, mattresses, disposable medical supplies, etc. can be produced and processed in this way.

ultrasonic cutting

3、Ultrasonic cutting
Compared with other ways of processing methods, ultrasonic cutting can make the edges of fabric products smoother, flush, and will not lead to fading, stringing and other problems. At the same time, ultrasonic can do cutting edge sealing, effectively prevent the textile or textile material offline. And the sewn edges are tapered, thus avoiding pilling. Applications of ultrasonic cutting include cutting collar logos, carpets, curtains, cut corners and industrial knitting yarn tapes.

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