What Material is The Ultrasonic Mold Welding horn Made of?

The welding horn mold of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is an essential component for welding plastic parts. Plastic parts of many shapes require customized welding head molds for welding. So, what kind of material is the ultrasonic mold welding horn made of ?

Ultrasonic steel mold
The advantages of ultrasonic steel molds are high strength, improved wear resistance, longest mold use time, and high reliability. The disadvantage is that the ultrasonic transmission rate is relatively low and the acoustic impedance is very large. In order to better ensure the ultrasonic transmission effect, it is not suitable for import substitution of molds. It is more suitable for various rolling cutting, such as laser cutting without anti-cloth. Punching and slitting of polyester materials, etc.

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Ultrasonic aluminum alloy profile mold
The advantages are light weight and relatively low density; high ultrasonic transmission rate, suitable for import substitution of molds; low strength, more complex texture carvings can be completed on the mold, and the production cost is relatively cheap. Its disadvantage is that its wear resistance is not high and it is easily damaged.
It is generally suitable for non-sustained high-toughness friction work such as surgical suturing and electric welding, high strength against ultrasonic waves, and situations where the surface of the mold needs to be manually carved.

ultrasonic mold or horn

Ultrasonic aluminum alloy mold
The advantages are high strength, good wear resistance, fast heat dissipation, relatively light quality, and low relative density. Under the condition of ultrasonic wave emission with the same output power, the ultrasonic transmission rate of molds with the same volume is higher than that of steel molds.
Aluminum alloy has higher moldability, good thermal conductivity, high strength and long service life, but the cost is slightly more expensive.

ultrasonic horn

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