What Products is the Rotary Welding Machine Suitable for Welding?

Rotary friction welding machine is a type of hot melt machine that can achieve good welding effects on plastic products with high toughness that are not suitable for ultrasonic welding.

The principle is to use the heat generated by rotating plastic workpieces at high speed and rubbing against each other to melt the contact surface of the plastic workpieces. The rotation angle can be set, and it will stop at the set position instantly. Then, the cylinder pressure is used to make the up and down work fit together. The condensation becomes one and becomes a permanent fusion.

spin welding machine

The following are some examples of application cases of spin welding machines. We can also draw inferences from them and make better use of the machines to serve us, so that the uses of the machines are not limited to this.
1. Rotation welding of plastic shells of household water purifiers and water dispenser filters;
2. PE, PP, nylon and other spherical, pipe, gasoline filter elements must be positioned and rotated at a fixed angle for melting;
3. Plastic products that must be watertight and airtight such as double-layer cups, thermos cups, ball toys, sprinkler joints, etc. must be spirally welded.

spin welding

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