Where is the Manufacturer of Servo Ultrasonic Welding Machine?

With the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in China, ultrasonic welding technology is also constantly innovating and progressing in the field of plastic welding. The emergence of servo ultrasonic welding machines has become inevitable.

Servo ultrasonic plastic welder

Compared with traditional ultrasonic welding equipment, the servo ultrasonic welding machine adopts a servo motor control system, which has higher control accuracy and response speed, can achieve high-precision position control and force control, and can adjust the welding according to the actual situation during the welding process. parameters to ensure the stability and consistency of welding quality.

In addition, servo ultrasonic welding machines have higher automated production capabilities. By realizing automatic adjustment of welding parameters and real-time monitoring of the welding process, we can adjust the assembly line process and deal with production problems in a timely manner, thereby avoiding unstable welding quality or quality problems and realizing fully automated welding, thus improving production efficiency and product quality.

lingke ultrasonic

Lingke Ultrasonics is the first high-end servo ultrasonic welding machine manufacturer in China. It adopts the intelligent servo ultrasonic control system independently developed by Lingke, coupled with high-precision servo motor drive, fully closed control, and full-process monitoring data. The welding accuracy can reach 0.005mm. Effectively guarantee the high precision of products. For more details, please consult us.



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