Why is The “Ultrasonic Mold Welding Horn” Damaged?

Every set of welding horns and molds produced by the ultrasonic mold processing factory, whether they are standard products or customized according to customer requirements, are made of good materials and have been tested repeatedly. Various parameters such as the shape, strength and audio frequency of the welding horn have been tested many times and can meet the most stringent standards, and the welding horn and mold achieve the most perfect match.

The reasons for ultrasonic mold damage are generally due to several aspects:
1. Mold material selection
Good mold raw materials can increase the service life of ultrasonic molds. Common ultrasonic mold raw materials include aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, etc. If the purity of the welding mold raw materials is insufficient or there are residues, it is likely to cause the ultrasonic mold to crack.

ultrasonic mold or horn

2. Basic damage
The mold is damaged due to long-term use and exceeds its service life, causing normal damage due to damage.

3. Non-traditional damage
There are many reasons for this kind of situation, all of which are caused by human factors or unreasonable operation. For example: the mold is affected by external forces, and the parameter setting is unscientific, causing the mold to be exposed to high pressure and high temperature for a long time.

Charger Welding Horn

ultrasonic mold or horn (2)

Ultrasonic mold design must be comprehensively considered based on mold materials, specifications and equipment frequency, acoustic principles and other factors.
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