Why Should Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines Undergo Aging Testing Before Shipment?

Aging detection refers to the process of simulating the various factors involved in the product’s aging under real-life conditions of use, and conducting corresponding condition-strengthening experiments. This experiment is mainly aimed at plastic materials. Common aging mainly includes light aging and moisture and heat aging. , hot air aging.

There is an aging room specially used for aging detection, which is used to simulate the aging environment. The aging room, also known as the burn-in room, is one of the commonly used equipment in various aging tests and is widely used in electronics, computers, communications and other fields. Aging rooms usually consist of envelope structures, air duct systems, control systems, indoor testing structures, etc.

Aging test


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Features of aging houses:
1. Due to the unique air duct system design and electronic control system, it can maintain a high degree of temperature uniformity throughout the room, which is much higher than similar products. Therefore, temperature control is also required to be accurate and highly precise.
2. The room temperature setting range is wide and continuously adjustable. It can be set arbitrarily within the range of normal temperature ~70℃. Higher temperature products can also be designed according to customers’ higher requirements.
3. The system has complete protection functions to ensure safe, long-term, stable and trouble-free operation.
4. Multi-point temperature rolling display in the room makes monitoring accurate and clear.

Aging detection of Lingke ultrasonic plastic welding machines before leaving the factory is an essential step. At the same time, non-standard equipment can also be customized according to the manufacturer’s needs, and ultrasonic equipment accessories can be supplied to customers.




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