Application of ultrasonic welding machines in non-woven industry.

Ultrasonic plastic welding has many advantages in the non-woven fabric industry, which can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and reduce the cost of traditional welding methods. It has been widely used in the production and processing of non- woven products, such as masks, medical products, filter materials, automobiles, aerospace products, etc.


Feminine Hygiene Products

Join the top layer and the acquisition layer together at high speed. Ultrasonic vibration energy is delivered in a targeted manner at the welding points for optimum wearing comfort. When fixing the wings of sanitary napkins or inlaying textile edges, ultrasonic waves can ensure the firmness and softness of the product at the same time.

Makeup and Care

In the process of producing different styles of disposable gloves, etc., the forming welding process is required. The product is smooth and soft, without hard edges, and strong adhesion between layers is the most basic requirement. The use of ultrasonic cutting can achieve no burrs, and the cut surface is clean and tidy. In addition, the soft surface is not damaged when ultrasonic imprinting is used.


baby hygiene products

Ultrasound can be applied in every step of the production of diapers: use ultrasound to achieve multi-layer lamination, base layer and leg three- dimensional wrap welding; use ultrasound to simply intermittently fasten the ears and fastening system.

All ultrasonic working steps in diaper production are the same, the purpose is to form a good touch and ensure the tightness of the diaper.

Masks & Protective Clothing

The ultrasonic welding plastic machine can realize high-frequency vibration and generate a high-temperature and high-pressure environment, so that non-woven fabrics and plastic films are combined to form the outer material of masks and protective clothing, which can effectively achieve waterproof and windproof effects. For the traditional heat sealing technology, ultrasonic plastic welding can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and at the same time avoid damage to materials caused by heat welding, thereby ensuring product quality and good appearance. Ultrasonic plastic welding technology does not need to use any chemicals, and will not produce waste gas, waste water, waste residue and other environmental pollutants. It is a very environmentally friendly manufacturing technology.


Application advantages

The nature and characteristics of non-woven fabrics have gradually been recognized and valued by people. Ultrasonic welder machine provides non-woven fabric manufacturers with an efficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality solution, which can improve product quality while maintaining production efficiency .

1. Efficient: Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment can quickly clean and dry items, so it can significantly improve cleaning efficiency and productivity. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, ultrasonic plastic welding technology can clean various types of parts and appliances faster.

2. More thorough: Ultrasonic waves can generate high-frequency vibrations to decompose foam and air bubbles in the water, so that the cleaning fluid and dirt can be better stirred and washed off more thoroughly.


3. No damage to items: Ultrasonic waves can thoroughly clean the surface of items without damaging items, especially products in the fields of electronics, optics, watches, etc. Ultrasonic plastic welding technology is very suitable for these items that require special treatment.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment has the characteristics of high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, it can save a lot of energy and water resources. While ensuring the cleaning effect, the impact on the environment is also more Small.

5. Versatility: Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment can not only clean items of various shapes, sizes, and materials, but also can be used to remove grease, stains, and bacteria.


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