Application of  ultrasonic welding in packaging industry.

Ultrasonic welder technology has been widely used in the electronic telecommunications industry and plays a key role in the rapid development and innovation of the industry with the development and innovation of technology.


PET Material Packaging

In PET applications, ultrasonics can quickly reach high melting points and increase throughput. The sealing and separation of blisters can be realized, and the functions of unsealing and genuine product anti- counterfeiting can also be easily realized.

Beverage Flexible Packaging

Ultrasonic plastic welding is especially suitable for coated cardboard packaging materials. Although the product is wet, the tightness of the weld seam is guaranteed, regardless of whether it has an aluminum film or not. The nozzle can be integrated normally. Short sealing time and high output. Repeatable welding parameters ensure consistent seal quality.


Film Packaging

The seal is guaranteed by the safe separation of residual product in the area of the weld seam by means of ultrasonic energy. This reduces the number of package leaks and enhances product durability. Lingke Ultrasonic fully demonstrates this advantage in the longitudinal continuous welding and transverse intermittent welding of stand-up pouches, zipper bags and hose bags.

Shell & Cover

Sealing of lid membranes, welding of gaskets, and sealing of filter packages are a few of the important applications addressed using ultrasonics. The welding die holds the film in place by vacuum. A mold that does not require heating guarantees its durability and protects the product.


Application advantages

Ultrasonic plastic welder technology has been widely used in the packaging industry. Its advantages such as high efficiency, environmental protection, reliability and multi-function have greatly improved the product quality and production efficiency in the packaging industry.

1. Reduce production cost: Compared with the traditional welding process, ultrasonic plastic welding technology uses a non-polluting method and does not need to use any additional materials or glue for bonding. At
the same time, it is more excellent in efficiency, so it can greatly reduce production costs.

2. Improve product quality: In the process of ultrasonic plastic welding, there is a unified welding process, which can ensure the quality and accuracy of products. And the welding quality is more controllable.


3. Environmental protection and energy saving: Ultrasonic plastic welding technology does not produce any waste and pollutants, and is a new technology for environmental protection and energy saving.

4. High welding efficiency: Ultrasonic plastic welding technology can realize high-speed production, thereby improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing production costs while improving product quality.

5. Applicable to the welding of various materials: Ultrasonic plastic welding technology can be applied to the welding of various materials, such as ABS, PE, PC, PP, etc., and has broad application prospects.


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